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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by Baggywrinkle View Post
They pretend to pay us so we pretend to work....

Sorry couldn't resist

Ahh yes, the credit river decision.

While you are at it, don't forget the ongoing Robert Kahre tax fraud case.

Robert paid his employees in junk silver coins at face value. The employees
would then exchange the coins for the spot rate of silver. IRS called foul.
It resulted in a hung jury. The case is ongoing.

It would seem to come down to who has the biggest guns.

Sherry Peale Jackson (show me the law) was convicted (framed)
Thats true

Its a game and we are approaching the 85th minute(soccer/football) and are 3 goals down but the players have just realised the ref has been paid so are trying to get the game cancelled before the final whistle blows. We cannot possibly 'win' we can only prevent ourselves from losing until the game is destroyed and a fair game is created.
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