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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Another good video to watch :

"In Debt We Trust"

This goes into more detail about how credit is used as a weapon, actually. I think this might be what you are talking about Mike, more in depth into banking about immoral!!

We are here to broaden our perspectives and gain knowledge, so I hope the folks who are ready to dismiss debt elimination would be willing to at least take a look and get all the facts before they presume it is wrong to do so.

Conditioning is deep and pervasive, and it is done to benefit the few to the detriment of the many. I personally don't think our current system is "moral".

If it's true that international banking cartels engineer crisis and lack, well then it's clear we are not obliged to keep a corrupt system afloat.

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