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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by TAXMASTER View Post
you all can call it what you want, play semantics all day but if you get (take) something for nothing it is not morally correct on any level.
Normally I would agree. Getting something for nothing is possible in many scenarios and morals wouldnt even come into.

if you "buy" a house from your friend and do not pay him, you got a house for nothing and your friend loses the value of the house. i think we all will agree that this is wrong.
I dont even know how you see this scenario at all. And why some of you bring borrowing from friends into this is beyond me. We are fighting evil here. Its not like we are fighting fire with fire. We are fighting evil with the TRUTH. And most of us are not even talking about mortgages anyway.

if you "buy" a house off of your friend and pay for it with a mortgage loan that you do not pay back then you got a house for nothing.
The friend again. The friend has his money and it doesnt matter whether he is a friend or a stranger. What you do after buying a house wont affect the seller at all.

who suffers.....everybody who has or deals in currency. because the bank increased the money supply to loan you the money to buy the house and you do not return that money back to the bank then the existing money supply is watered down and worth less.
Im not the best person to understand the ins and outs of money supply and its affects in inflation and the value or currency however this statement doesnt make sense to me.

For starters, the bank didnt increase the money supply to 'loan' us the money. They FRAUDULENTY used our paper promise and broke the law where the accounting is concerned. If you are happy to take part in unlawful fraudulent activity then stay quiet about it. This goes way beyond the negative side of fractional reserve banking.

Now you say that if we dont pay the money back then the money supply will be watered down and it would be worth less. Sorry I dont really get it. Maybe someone who shares this view can have a good at this in detail as I cant see how this could happen. When you pay back some money to a bank this adds to their deposits and even if they used the more conservative fractional reserve accounting this deposit is multiplied by 9 and someone else borrows it creating yet even more money and surely this devalues the currency. Simply by not paying it back this would mean the bank has one less payment to multiply by 9. And this is conservative estimates on my part.

anyone who truly understands the videos that you all use as evidence to your case knows this. while it is clear in the first instance that you have screwed your friend and received a free house, it is also equally clear that in the second scenerio that you have screwed everyone else and received a free house.
Nonsense. Sorry. Just my opinion.

as money supply increases, inflation ncreases and money becomes less valuable. by paying the bank back, you are taking that money back out of circulation and you stablize the value of money.
So using fractional reserve banking, which they all do at different levels, doesnt increase the money supply and devalue currency? Im pretty sure it does.

By paying it back it doesnt get removed from circulation. Am I wrong? Someone please tell me.

your theory doesn't hold water, isn't right, and if the banks and credit card companies are shysters, then don't borrow the money. save your money and pay cash for it like people did in the old days. 2 wrongs never made a right.
If I dont borrow another penny I will help as many people as possible get out of debt my any means possible. AND I will use the laws that were made to protect us to expose the laws broken to control us.

What we are doing is not wrong, it is not a legal loophole. We are drawing the curtains back and exposing the laws which have been broken. Read that sentence again please.

You said "if the banks and credit card companies are shysters, then don't borrow the money" I know im twisting this a bit far but I could say "If the man who lives at the end of the street is a murderer, then simply make sure you dont go near him"......or

"Your next door neighbour has been mugging half the people in the street when they come home" so the best way is to look out for him and not worry about everyone else getting done over.

Its time to step up. Youre advocating doing nothing.

"all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
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