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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

the point is mike, if it is a fraudulent system, then do not participate in it at all. don't use money, don't trade labor for money, don't borrow money. i used these analogies to illustrate the concepts at it's simplest way. forget the friend the bank the house, these were tools to show you that you think it is ok to get something for nothing.

people such as yourself can twist it any way you want to as long as you get goods and services for nothing. you get a charge card and go to the store and buy a sweater and charge it. you now have a sweater that you did not have. you then claim that the credit card company is ripping you off with tremendous rates so that is your reason for not paying them. you are no different from someone that goes into the store and steals the sweater. in both instances, you got the sweater for nothing. at least when you stole the sweater you were up front about it. when you agreed to pay the credit card company for letting you charge items, and you failed to pay them then that means that you have no integrity. if you did not intend to pay back what you charged then you should not enter into that contract. you cannot control what the charge card company does right or wrong but you can control your actions.

it seems that those that think like yourself want to piece meal segments of what our society has to offer. you want to participate as long as you benefit for nothing in return. you want that new car but when the bank loans you the money to buy it, then because the bank is corrupt you don't want to pay them for it. you want something for nothing.

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