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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by TAXMASTER View Post
the point is mike, if it is a fraudulent system, then do not participate in it at all. don't use money, don't trade labor for money, don't borrow money.
You cant do much without our currency right now. I am actively participating less and less as time goes on and this is another area im hitting hard. Self sufficiency in areas of food and energy. Avoiding digital transactions as much as possible. Your statement reminds me of all the angry patriotic english folk who say "if you dont like our country then **** off home". Im not saying you say those things, just reminds me of it as these people dont know the difference between asylum seeker and illegal immigrant and you dont know how banking and debt works and refuse to listen to what people are openly spending time here trying to help people learn.

people such as yourself can twist it any way you want to as long as you get goods and services for nothing. you get a charge card and go to the store and buy a sweater and charge it. you now have a sweater that you did not have. you then claim that the credit card company is ripping you off with tremendous rates so that is your reason for not paying them
Youve messed up big time there. I never mentioned anything to do with interest rates and i dont remember anyone here saying thats the reason either. Id be using the law to tackle it even at zero percent. And I am not twisting anything. I am exposing what has been twisted behind our backs and deceived us.

you are no different from someone that goes into the store and steals the sweater. in both instances, you got the sweater for nothing. at least when you stole the sweater you were up front about it. when you agreed to pay the credit card company for letting you charge items, and you failed to pay them then that means that you have no integrity. if you did not intend to pay back what you charged then you should not enter into that contract. you cannot control what the charge card company does right or wrong but you can control your actions.
I think youre a lost cause. Theres apparantly no such thing as a lost cause but i cant see the light here. Dont bring integrity into it. Sorry have you completely missed the financial meltdown caused by the greed of bankers? Come back to our planet please. Nobody encouraged anyone to go out and apply for debt just to get things for 'free'. Which actually is incorrect if youd bother to read what is wrote here. The money belongs to you. Your promise to pay was converted into a deposit for you, hidedn from you and used when you buy things. all we are doing is simply deciding that we do not want to pay for it twice and we do not want to pay interest on it.

I havnt even started yet on actually claiming money back from the banks but that is a reality.

it seems that those that think like yourself want to piece meal segments of what our society has to offer. you want to participate as long as you benefit for nothing in return
I suppose you want to work hard and pay your taxes? Is that right. Good luck to you. Im having trouble understanding how youre on the Avalon forum and dont agree with people wanting to keep the good bits of society and cast out the bad.

you want that new car
Only a fool with too much money to burn buys a new car. It has to be the worse 'investment' known to man.

but when the bank loans you the money to buy it
The bank isnt loaning any money, sorry for saying that for the fifth time.

then because the bank is corrupt you don't want to pay them for it. you want something for nothing.
I dont want to pay them twice for it thats for sure.

Same to you too dude. I know this is having an impact in that brain somewhere, putting so much energy into it just prooves your conditioning is fighting hard - give that a go, i dare ya
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