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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by TAXMASTER View Post
This will be my last post on this issue. you cannot teach ethics or morality. this thread was started to let people know that the credit agreements that they made may be unenforceable by the credit institutions. While it is alarming how many people have gotten theirselves into debt and the rates of interest and other charges can be very high and even unethical. I am not here to defend those institutions or their practices. I am making a statement about honoring one's agreement. for if you enter into an agreement to receive or get something on a condition that later you must pay or do something, then you must honor that agreement. If the agreement is unfair, then don't make the agreement. If the agreement is unfair and you make the agreement, then honor your end of the contract and chalk it up to education and learn from it.

The points I was making were simplistic sure but the truth is there if you look for it. The credit institutions do not issue you credit unless you promise to pay the debt. the key words are "PROMISE TO PAY". You do not end up in debt unless you purchased something of value or something that you valued at that time. You knew what the rules were because you signed the contract, if you didn't read the contract then that is too bad because in the print it clearly states that you have read and understand the contract.

Now let us talk about my expertise. You say that I don't understand how money is made. That I need to do research. Well my friend, you know nothing about me. I fully understand how money is created and I fully understand that our currency is a fiat system with nothing backing it. I am not naive, for I understand it all. As a CPA, and CFP, and a Licensed NASD broker, I have had years of wheeling and dealing in the world of money. I have bought and sold busnesses and have made and lost millions.

In all my travels, I have learned to size up a man (sorry ladies) by one thing. His integrity. You cannot buy integrity. Integrity is sometimes not on the side of the law. It has its own virtue and rules. Integrity follows the rules of Karma. I shall not speak again on this thread.

You'd be wasting your time. They don't want to know.

But, you are completely correct.

At least I understand your stance.
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