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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
I don't care about any of that.
Sorry to bore you with the facts. Without understanding the facts the ethics and integrity are a blank consideration.

It matters not, on a personal level, what rules have been broken and where the lender got the money from
The banks & The mafia. At least when people borrowed from the mob the money actually existed in the 1st place. So youre saying it doesnt mater where they got the money from. Ignorance must be bliss. How do people with your mindset even land on this forum/Camelot. Its like saying, "well yeah sure theres a bunch of folk controlling lots of things in the background which cause massive death and destruction all around the world but what do i care, I am still warm and have an income and can eat" Yes its an exageration and this is the exact mindset that a lot fo the public have.

All that matters, is that in reality, as in you the customers reality, the reality that actually matters, you have money to buy something that you did not have, and you owe it back.
Again I will repeat myself. Its your money that was used to buy the goods on the credit card. Or the cash that was created by you to buy the car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah but they didn't lend you it in the first place. Oh, they did. They really did.
No they didnt. Dudes levitate in the street and take the heads off doves and put them back on again and the dove lives. Its a wonderful illusion.

All you're basically saying in Layman's terms is that their agreement with you is pretty much worthless. So don't pay the money back.
Thats probably way beyond laymens terms but yes. The physical original agreement is not worthless though. This cna be proved by paying off a credit card, closing the account and asking for your original signed agreement to be returned. Its almost certanly not possible because it has been sold. Ask yourself why your signed agreement cant be returned. In fact, if youve had a card in the past ask your lender for it. And why would a signed piece of paper be worth anything?

I'll give you this, your information must be very attractive to somebody in a terrible debt situation. A way out if you like.
Ofcourse. We have had people on the verge of bankruptcy ultimately save the 600 a month they were paying out immediately while they tackled the lenders with the right questions and demands backwards and forwards.

Like I said before, its no massive secret, its just the result of some major studying and understanding of the law and is only one small part of our overall picture. Not the Law that students are taught. Well in fact yes its the same law but we dont have the education system conditioning us into a certain mindset. Obviously many members joined initially for debt reasons.

If you continue to think that the money was created from thin air and THEN belonged to the bank to lend then the first hurdle will carry on catching you out. Ask yourself something else. Why are the days gone, where you had to sit with the bank manager to argue your case for a loan even though you may have a large disposable income and secure job and this was easily proven back then. The chances are the banks were playing by the rules and were in fact lending their assets which were a multiplication of deposits held. Who knows. What we do know is that there were massive and almost suddent changes in banking that resulted in banks being able to lend to anyone with no risk.

Ask yourself this. Why is confidence more important than people not paying?

Why is confidence the most important factor in deciding how safe the current banking system is. Surely people no longer paying would be more important than a small percentage of customers taking cash out. NOPE

No asset is at risk when people dont pay. If any asset was at risk then getting hold of the cash in the 1st place wouldnt be so easy.

So please dont say again that they lent you the money because they never.

Im deep in this myself. Its not just talk for me. I have a 48 hour deadline to file my defence to court for a debt. I will keep you posted on the outcome.
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