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Default Re: New Ben Fulford News

Originally Posted by efields View Post
Don't judge Obama by the old cronies he is surrounding himself with. We must wait and see what he DOES with the advice the team will give him. For One I'm not discouraged by what or who he's picking as he/we still have to work with the 'old' network thats established, and who better than the old cronies that have been there all along. I think it could be Brilliant that he has surrounded himself with the old guard. Who better to push his radical ideas? He has to push the new ideas to the Old System. Who better to get his stuff in, than the old pushers? Sort of soften the shock. I have no problem with using the old machine as long as its not the SOS getting put forward, and its, HIS decision, WHAT Policies get sent to the various portions of the Govmnt that need to sign off on them. I see the team he's picked as a brilliant ploy to soften the radical ideas, he,I hope, will bring to the table. I'm fully not expecting to see, much more of, the same SOS...
Well Gene, I sure hope you're right. My beliefs are that since we've been seeing the Obamazation of the news media for 2 years now that it's a given that one of the few PTB groups vying for control have it now. Is this the 'new' group we've all been hoping for?

Perhaps it is. The evidence, however, is more in favor of exactly the same as before, just that Team Blue now vectors the ship instead of Team Red.

We are locked in a struggle with each other over sex, gun rights, abortion rights, reparations, glass ceilings, football, Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. Not much thinking seems the way of these days.

Besides asking of random folks plying the sidewalks of Main Street who the Secretary of State is, or who Carl Jung was, just what questions can be answered correctly about our physical world alone is frighteningly absent by folks.

Television is as it was designed to be. The ability to teleport worthlessness and oblivity and make the subjects pay for it continues to be THE Coup D'etat that keeps on ticking.

Is there time for a critical mass of awareness to make us all one and unified in the field of life? I hope so. It seems as if you are hoping too..

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