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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Hi Pilot,

Revelations can be a difficult read, it does take time to research. This is not about human sovereignty. Back up a bit closer to the first part of what this is all about. Humanity was handed over for testing, to test our integrity, our heart, would we ultimately be up to the challenge of why we were created and we were created with the attributes and qualities of our Creator. As a result, some of those ETís were extremely jealous, angry and hateful of us. Also Lucifer wanted to place his throne above our Creators, thus confrontation started.
The sovereignty belongs to our Creator and now his son, our brother, King Jesus.
So the different factions would be the good ETís and the bad ETís.


So our creator also created Lucifer, Lucifer tried to claim he was above the creator, and started this fight? Like a jealous older child ? They are jealous of our ability to what? What exactly have we got that others lack?

I am truly a friend of Jesus in the It doesn't matter if he's real or not kind of way-I feel his message is true. When you say our brother, king Jesus, you are not saying this in the traditional religious way?? It's hard to put that down after years of it being presented in that fashion, for me sometimes. I remember wondering as a kid in church why miracles don't happen NOW, why we can't seem to do all the things Jesus could do and said we could do, too. I never understood why people believed it if it wasn't true today. Miracles and healings & whatnot.

I rejected the whole lot in my teens but came around to agreeing with the message of love, peace, etc. I'm with you and very interested in your work, please keep it coming, I think many of us are interested and welcome a nice, civilized discussion of this topic.

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