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Default Re: william deagle scares the holy **** out of me for his believability

your right ashatav when it comes down to who rules who one of the top guys are the Jesuits...still I keep thinking to myself these guys aren't the only ones on the top;There is always pieces missing to the puzzle.When it comes to alternative media. You do your own research and take whistleblowers little by little from their info. Just because someone talks about Jesuits dose not mean they have all the answers. Anyone that does their own research can know how much influence these evil bastards have like myself. It doesn't take someone like deagle to tell me "they did this and that" because Ive done my own searches for the "truth" I am sorry but anyone trying to sell stuff to me(people like David Willcock,Other New age gurus) and trying to scare me I take very cautiously and the "well he needs to eat" argument is old too. Try something else like 'get a job' and while working pass on some w/e you know to your brothers and sisters

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