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Default Re: Indigos - Debate

I've read every indigo thread so far, saw the questionnaire which is the same one on a site I visited long ago while while researching this phenomenon.

I also read one reply that stated most Indigos would probably not respond and I was one of them, that did not respond who fit the profile exactly. This is my first indigo thread I have responded to and I will explain why.

My explanation could be mis-interpreted in a negative manner so I am putting this little clause in here so I make sure people understand I am not on the attack here, nor am I pointing anyone out. I most certainly am not trying brag or put myself in an elevated position over anyone here as I think that is deplorable.

I took that internet test on being an Indigo and it was like reading my own psychological profile. It effected me because it enhanced that internal feeling that I was here for a purpose and that I was on a mission to assist people though a coming transition. I had these feelings back in the 70s. These exact feelings, way before there was a name for it. Yet I also kept in mind it could only be delusions of grandeur.

A close friend and I (we still talk about this stuff now) were waking up together and we actually believed we were 2 of the 9 Buddhas incarnated to help during this transition. We weren't really so full of ourselves (well were in our late teens so we actually WERE kinda full of ourselves) that we needed to feel superior to others.

We were simply reacting to what was happening to us, the things we could see, the abilities we discovered we had. We were simply trying to understand why this was happening to us, and what it could mean. We identified with the idea because it was a good explanation at the time but never told anyone about it. The reason I bring this up is because that was all we had to relate to back then.

Now we have people relating to a new set of guidelines dictated by another set of traits. I found myself relating to it too at first. But now I question the entire concept because of events I have witness and experiences I have had. Are we simply relating to this Indigo stuff because it is just the best explanation we have at this time? Could it be that 4 years from now we will finally understand what is really happening to us now?

I now see everyone waking up. I am seeing teenagers that have the same understanding I have now, and they have not been exposed to any of the rigors and challenges I had to go through to get where I am. I see the people of the world gaining not new and special powers and insights, but those that have only been forgotten.

I am not special, nor am I above anyone else. My trials and errors were not a path of daggers that only the initiated can endure, just as my accomplishments are not "rights" that are given only to the wisest of people. I am not here to save anyone as I have learned that is an impossibility. I am not here to shine for others. I shine only because it is my nature as well as everyone else's.

Actually I am not that different than most people anymore because the world has caught up to the graduated levels of conscious I have achieved due to some unseen force that is accelerating and lifting everyones intelligence and conscious awareness.

I am also convinced that the Indigo are not all that different than everyone else either. I have seen the saint sitting across from me on the bus, and he has seen me too, and we smiled to each other and nodded, and went about our lives.

They are out there, so many more like us than most of you think I am sure. I can see them and I can feel them. We are not that rare. We are legion.

The only thing that makes you special is your purpose and works. And that is subjective.

So am I an Indigo; special and removed from normal people? No. IMHO this Indigo stuff can do harm if you identify yourself by someone else's parameters and fail to discover who you are on your own terms. A lesson I wont forget.

I am not an indigo

I am a Human and we are rising.

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