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Default Re: Indigos - Debate

My most concise description of Indigos is that many of them are here to be ***SYSTEM BUSTERS***

As fits with the theme of Project Avalon and Camelot, all our systems from educational to political are Illuminati, etc. controlled and in serious need of being busted and replaced.

The Indigos simply won't put up with following the tired old rules, the old authorities, the corrupted status quo ... if it doesn't make sense. They won't! You can't make them do it, you can't force it on them. None of this "because I said so" BS. If you do manage to force them, then that's when they can go ballistic angry, depressed, suicidal.

You can talk to them like adults, give them choices, real reasons, listen to their wisdom ...

Here is a page with some good info:

They can even be divided into 4 types (all the labels are just tools to help us out along the way.) The rest is a quote from the above link.

Humanist Indigo
Extremely social - talk to anyone, anytime. Friendly.
Very strong opinions.
Awkward in their body.
Play with all their toys at the same time.
Easily distracted.
Ferocious readers.
Going to work with and serve the masses.
Tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, teachers, salespeople, businesspeople, politicians.

Conceptual Indigo
More into projects than people
Not clumsy in their body
Often very athletic as children
Control issues - mostly trying to control their mother if boys; their father if girls
Tendencies toward addictions, especially drugs in their teenage years
Tomorrow's engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots and military officers

Artist Indigo
Much more sensitive
Oftentimes smaller in size, though not always
Between ages 4-15, may pick up 15 different creative arts - pick it up, put it down
In teenage years, will select one and become the artist in it
Tomorrow's teachers and artists, surgeons, researchers, actors, musicians

Interdimensional Indigo
Larger than all other Indigos
At one or two years of age, you can't tell them anything.
They say, I know that...I can do it. Leave me alone.
Can be bullies because they're so much bigger and because they don't fit in like
the other three types of Indigos
Will bring new philosophies and new religions into the world
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