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Default Re: Disclosure has occurred!

HA! You have a good point there, indakaz. they were here before us, have been here manytimes from th edistant past up till no an indeed still are here.

However, the devious powermongering and social engineering / manipulation of the last 2000 years has sadly all but eradicated common knowledge of them.Yes we who are aware should not be waiting for them to influence, time,condone or guide our actions, but rather taking responsibility for our own self determination an getting on with it, but what is needed now on a planetary sale is the demolition of the controll mechanisms that have been so carefully built throughout the world as we know it.

Their purpose, [beyond preventing me from booking a ticket off this rock!], is to contain the majority and ensure through their continued ignorance that they cannot achieve the level of responsibility and self determination that would automatically bring about Earth's planetary citizenship of this sector, thereby putting an end to much of the nastiness that is currently taking place here - like social manipulation, trading in humans, and those darn lizards with their land grabbing and reduction of the human race to dinner. it ight just get the aliens out of our politics, too.
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