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Default Re: Everything “now” happened already!

I read that article some time ago. Very impressive!

It proves that the meta-physical field of our Being is what animates the physical expression down to the minute level of brain signals etc. There are people walking around with mostly water in their skull and some of them have higher education. The condition is sort of "hushed down", but it has a name: "hydrocephalics" (look it up). It pretty much prove that we are much more than our "physical bodies". The phyiscal expression is not primary. The meta-physical is primary.

This article also strongly indicates what "esoteric teachings" and mystic have always been saying. Namely that the outside 3d world is a mirror of our consciousness. Inside is primary, and outside is "secondary". The change is inside first, before it is reflected in the mirror of the outside. Those that are very clear and sensitive can "pick up" the subtle signals long before the momentum is big enough for physical manifestation. Therefore many "seers" can tell what is coming if the energies of the moment are allowed to reach fruition. Animals etc. know of earthquakes etc. in advance is also explained by this. There is only one life being lived and we are all part of that One Life indeed.



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