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Arrow Re: City Grid ON Atlantic Sea-floor


OK, I have Google Earth application installed on my MAC, but there is no way to load images from this into the forum. I can only suggest for you to download the FREE version (v4.3 or v5.0) for your computer. The download is available for any platform from: ...

As to what Google/NOAA/USN/CIA has to say, I find their DISINFORMATION a little hard to swallow. They say "data artifacts" or "ship tracks" down on the Seabed some 3.5-miles deep. Yeah Right. Anyone that buys THAT line, probably believes the Earth was 'created 6000-years ago' and/or that 'the pope is infallible.' Gimme a break.!

Similar Grid patterns have been found under the sands of Mars using Infrared scans. Data Artifacts / Ship Tracks? I don't think so.

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