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Default Re: Strengthening Pineal Gland & Immune System Simultaneously

Originally Posted by Connecting with Sauce View Post
Immune Extra by Allera but Amazon says "Immune Extra - 60 - Veg Cap cannot be shipped to the selected address" I'm in the UK.
This is very alarming, last week I ordered $100 worth herbal supplements online, when I got to Cats Claw (a highly effective immune booster from S America) it sent me to a whole page of countries that outlawed Cats Claw! Although I can still gets Cats Claw, Calif is the first state in the US to begin adopting these Draconian laws designed to take away our rights to chose in health care...there were a whole list of womens health care products that help regulate hormones naturally, and if I remember correctly even saw palmetto for prostate health! This is getting scary...and Codex hasn't even been passed yet.
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