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Default Re: Alternative energy for your home

Originally Posted by Angelo View Post

Well Nik is right that alot of people here think on a timeline from today to when ever. I like most are waiting to see if all is good after November

I think its courteouse to explain: The U.S has an election in early November and many doubt there will even be a next government. Their economy is already crashed and only a fine thread of deceit and lies holds it together.

Alot of western countries including my own (NZ, with elections on 8 Nov) are experiencing a rescession unparalled before and we all believe it to be a plan rather than coincidence.

Whoever is pulling all the strings for our world today it appears they are in a hurry to put plans of world control,population control, or by sheer madness on their part Armegeddon. ie WW3, into action and then you have the planet Herself not being to happy at the way we are behaving.
The scenarios for our immediate future are to numerous to put here but if you look they can be found everywhere.

I disagree that we should all just throw our hands in the air and give up!.
So we should consider long term as well as short term. If we can all fight back the fear and spread hope and boycott evil we just might turn all this around.
I have investment in a company started here that have plans in action to do just that. The concept is over the top but what we need to support these ideas

Good Luck and hope I wasn't coming over as patronizing.
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