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Default Re: Here's Where Jesus would bank!

Would this be an intermediate or permanent solution?

From reading this article I see two possible ways to view
this trend.

The first view would be a pulling away from the status quo
and formation of a new and independent body similar to
when Putin took control over the failed Soviet state and
exerted his national pride kicking the London bankers out
and establishing a strong and independent Russia. One would hope this is the case, however I am suspicious.

The second view would be supported by the work of Joan Veon. The coalescing of the central American states, while it might benefit us in the short to intermediate time frame, is a step towards the loss of their sovereignty in the fashion of the EU. From this point I would expect the formation of a Central American
parliament. If this trend is accurate then South America would follow suit with their own version of the North American union and eventually there would be a super region called the Americas. All of the lower levels of governing bodies remain intact and the final result is
one world government with a world parliament. The problem with this idea is the government chain of command is administratively assigned rather than popularly elected. The voice of the people is not taken into account. The end result is a feudal form of government that does not represent the will of the people and you my fellow serfs shall be punished for shooting the king's deer.
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