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Default Re: Strange phone call from my pharmacist

No, I was given the impression he knew what he was doing, I mean he got my name right and spelling, birthday correct, he gave the info first, and the last few docs i saw for any meds worked at a place called MHMR, its a walk in mental clinic.

The last 3 meds i was on at the time was Mirtazapine (3 months)
before that was cymbalta and syriquil(sp)(3 moths)

My fear is not them pushing there gear on me, that stopped over 15 yrs ago when they gave me a pnuemovax shot and i eneded up with full blown pneumonia.

The paharmcist didnt tell me the name of the drug when I ask, or the doctor.

It came from the pharmacy i usaully go to.

I felt like i was being watched and i ussually dont scare that easy.

No fears came over me till about 10 minutes after the call was done.
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