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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

What do you call a W-4? What do you call your income tax returns? Something based in charity? What do you say to the family that has a missing child that just disappears into thin air? What are you doing when you write your bills every month? What is your mortgage or your rent called. When you write that check every month, are you submitting to something? Or are you under the impression that you are buying goods and services? Does that mean you are better than anyone else? Say a starving bunch of kids in Africa? I will argue that there are contracts on every level, as high as you want to go. The contracts between the US Government and some of these ETs are submissions based in compromise. If these contracts didn't exist, these things wouldn't be happening. But they are and that has been proven. Even your soul has a contract.

According to Wikipedia, a general description of a contract could be the following, "According to legal scholar Sir John William Salmond, a contract is "an agreement creating and defining the obligations between two or more parties".

Then there is the breaching of such contracts. But for the sake of not going down that road, what I have discovered is that it is these contracts that have caused much of the mess we find ourselves in. Now if we stood up in unity and decided to forget these contracts and rewrite our own agreements in the now, we will have a chance to change the future for a better one.

Also the statement that we have already won is false. Look around in the now and tell me what you see. We haven't won that freedom that everyone is seeking. That kind of statement causes complacency. Now maybe on some la la dimension we have, as that would be a possible alternate reality, but the reality I am currently anchored to doesn't support this claim. We are not free. And to bring what I consider one of the most important points to the question that Brook asked is, "what are you doing to fight you have a plan?"

How do we go about calling a Global timeout? Reclaiming our sovereignty? When you see a demonstration marching on D.C. I can envision everyone holding up a sign and all the signs say YOUR FIRED! In one voice of unity. Instead I see a bunch of different signs, each defining what one might be polarized to and marching against. So much separation marching forth. If we were to say, YOUR FIRED and take over with a council of beings with regards to unity and one free Earth, we may have a shot at it. But everyone is going to have to get out of that chair and get her done.

I say to you T3J, that with your abilities, I would entertain you or challenge you to report your possible findings at the poles of this Planet. In particular the South Pole and tell us what you find there. I found an army just waiting. Waiting for the time when there will be a great fight. A fight for our very right to just breathe, if it goes that far. You can then say nothing is written in stone because then it will be the moment of truth as to the theory we have already won.

We can debate and go on and on about all this, in the meantime "they" are still having their way with us. Now if you can take the personal responsibility to nullify these contracts in all forms, that bind us in any way, and come together in unity with one focused intent, then we have better odds as to reclaiming our sovereignty. Our resolve will be put to the ultimate test every step of the way till at such time we over come those forces that want us enslaved. Our work is cut out for us and as long as we sit here and do nothing as in taking responsibility for our personal quest for freedom, consider the battle has already been won by them. Everyone talks about how great we are, how great our potential is, but if it is never applied what do you end up with? It takes 90% thought and only 10% action to make it happen. The numbers are ridiculous in the sense it would only take 10% of action to achieve what we have thought out. Where is that 10%.

I don't know about how it is with everyone. I see people post things though that are of the heart, such as Brook, Rythm, Bushy Cat, Unified Serenity, and many others, that make me shed tears. Just because I am a male doesn't mean I can't process and have deep feelings of these issues. It is really one sad state of affairs and I hope with all that I am that we can come together and reclaim our sovereignty. There is no reason why any one on this Planet should be starving, out in the cold, exposed to a war, and so forth. As a parent, you would make sure that your child would have everything he/she needed to board a school bus. Or to go on a journey. You would also worry as to how they are doing with that venture. Do you not think for an instant that our Creator doesn't think along the same lines? For all of his Creations, including the dark ones?

The only thing I know is that if I die, it will only be a physical death. What else could I possibly lose that I haven't already lost? But one thing they will not get is my sovereignty, contract or no contract. Contracts are like watermelons. Now if we took them and just smashed them to the ground, we would have that much less to be carrying.

I have to stop here. Thanks for the healthy exchange as this is what happens when we bounced things back and forth. Triggering different view points that are all valuable to what makes us all.

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