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Me too, I see a lot of contradictions in the “inputs”.
I use to put all information temporary away in my brain, without biasing or preconceiving.
One problem is that these inputs have “truth levels”, from total lie to total truth.
From this, I try to find a pattern, which seems to be impossible, but anyhow I try.
For example:
I am confused about that our thoughts are creating our future, everybody tells me that.
I have tested it and it seems to work sometimes, but not all the time.
But then I read somewhere, that probably none of the citizens of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, thought about total destruction by atom bombs.
They probable thought of having dinner or something like that instead.
So if thoughts were creating that future, then I wonder; Whose thoughts.
Is it possible to enhance the “thought-creation procedure” with some evil stuff.
Then I have tested things like “feeling” with my hands from approximately 10 cm distance from a persons body surface, to find spots with “anomalies”.
Normally I have to prepare (“charge”) myself by taking down “life force”.
But if I am in a surrounding with people that really believe that I can do this procedure, then I do not need any warm up or “charge” time.
I believe that if you are in a surrounding with “kindred spirits”, you just channelise the life force of the surrounding, to a combined “life force”, which seems to be much stronger.
I have heard that during healing procedures, the force will increase at a quadratic relation to the number of persons involved.
It means 1 person => 1 unit, 2 persons => 4 units, 3 => 9, 4 => 16 and so on.
Maybe that is what we have to do, to enhance the life force.
It seems to me that all kind of 6:th sense or spirituality is increasing with increasing “life force”.

Comments appreciated
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