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Default Re: Matt Delooze's web site now down.

Originally Posted by mpea View Post
I had the same email from Matt; he has had a rough time of it. His work is for sure worth a look, very informative. I wish I could help him; he was a good friend to me in a time of need. Wish I could help him; maybe someone who is reading these posts could help him out? It'd be a shame to see his web site go...... In the meantime I send him lots of love and energy. He's a good guy.

Just spent the afternoon reading James Casbolt's thread; feel a lot of truth there, have a really old DVD of Phil Schneider speaking about the Dulce base and others in the states, ties in nicely with what James is saying about the UK bases in more ways than one.

Yes Mpea, Matt's site will be missed.
We gotta try and get him posting stuff on here i feel, he is a member but perhaps the bad energies around his site may only spill over on to here.
I don't know but it would be a good interview with Kerry and bill i think, i have already posted a message asking this but no reply.
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