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Default Re: Creating a Home That Heals

Good show Athena!

You're on the right track.

What a breath of fresh air to hear this from somebody else! I have been advocating this my entire life!

One of the other major issues often overlooked regarding smells I and many others have to deal with is car fumes! Especially those who have cars parked near the home garaged or not or any parking near by a home.

The new fuels introduced in the 90's are loaded with "aromatics" (very deadly to life as well as rubber) to replace the leaded petroleum to stop engine knock; which eats away the rubber fuel lines, rubber washers etc,even on NEW cars and when these crack they expand and contract by temperature continuously day and night, squirting or spraying out fuel!

Walk past any car park and every few cars one will stink of leaking fuel! But that's not the end of it, because when these cars are started up they stink to high heaven! Because of the slow heat burn. Yet if they have the smog test they pass!!!!

Because the leak is not in the exhaust system, its in the cracked fuel lines either from the pump to tank, or main line to the injectors or carb's! (This is worse and more toxic than bad exhaust!) Leaked fuel on the motor burns slow and stinks and escapes its way to the nearest interior a house, apartment or another car, because the aerosol fuel mist is drawn to the more oxygenated home interior!

So be aware of this danger.


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