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Default Re: Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
A threatened global nuclear war could conceivably be staged to set the stage for 'Our Saviors'...'the ET's' 'save us' from ourselves...and to openly establish One Nation Under Satan: The Old World Disorder Reptilian Theocracy. 'Our Saviors from Outer Space'...may turn out to be 'Our Reptilian Rulers from Within Earth.

On the other hand...there may be human et's who are waiting for a critical mass of people to truly embrace Constitutional Responsible which time they may help us exorcise those reptilian beings who cannot be persuaded to abandon all tyranny. The benevolent et's seem to have their hands tied by some type of universal law or some brutal gang of facts.
This is, as always, speculation based upon observation, principles, and concepts.

How beautifully and simply stated... the day to day drumbeat the PTB of corralling the society's into a tight little 'baitball' in order to hold control over easily, and blow it up if it doesn't work in the end...

'Darkside Polarity' says- "If I can't have it you can't either." So if by the time we reach that pinnacle if we as a group mind have not grown enough to circumvent 'that plan' (stated above) ourselves then I could forsee behind-the-scenes limited benevolent ET intervention perhaps in only neutralizing nuclear havoc.

It would seem though that if ET's actually became involved in a wide scale open forum then we may fall prey to relying on them to do for us what we are here to learn to do for ourselves. But if we have grown to the point where for the most part are self reliant- self aware- self empowered- self sustaining, and no longer of the victim mindset- 'waiting for someone, something, or some event outside of ourselves to change our circumstance,' then it would be awesome for Benevolent ET's to hang out with us and show us cool new stuff. But I imagine the attitude would be like if your neighbor came over to help you hang a door, or can food, or help build an addition on to your home... that kind of a mindset.

If we are intimidated to the point where we give them too much respect then that would make us lazy and we could fall prey to the very powerlessness we experience now to the elite. If ET's make themselves known prematurely than it would undue many history's of lesson learning in order fo us to know what does or doesn't work in order to get along within a multicultured planet.

Actually there is no such thing as blue bloods or elite 'they' simply formed a generational group of thieves in order to keep the bounty for themselves and as long as we believe their lies they keep stealing. Earth is a universal melting pot of DNA from all over the place so whoever is here now OWNS Earth in cooperation with all other Earth Citizens. Owning Earth means the entire collective population equally. So by Universal Law if you are from Outer Space you do not have a say in any form of operation involving Earth... only Earth Citizens do when they finally come together in that mindset or awareness of such to take back full ownership and control of ALL facets of Earth. Earth Citizenship happens when anyone here on Earth steps into those shoes of realization of that power to do so in cooperation with all others of the same realization.

Anyone care to step into the shoes of Earthly Citizenship?

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