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Default Re: the one question I have for you

What is it to be a Human Being nowadays ?

The Sheople WILL NOT COMPLAIN until they realize that being DEAD is even more BORING than their lives was.

Nowadays, as pain seems to be the best known of emotions,
I have to ask my self:"What IS life really ?"
Is it only the time it takes to die?
just a quick trip from mindless euphoric conception
towards the burning flames of a crematorium?

Am I a Consumer ?,
a citizen ?, or a Human Being?
The infoleaflet never explained this properly.
All it said was:
"Follow orders
Do as you are told
Obey the LAW
Don't do things differently
Don't be a fool
Don't question authorities
Don't ask why
And don't mess it all up by waking up.

Express yourself in what you buy
Identify yourself with what you wear
and believe me when I tell you that
true freedom is only achievable through Apathy.
the freedom of Not Having to Choose
not having a choice "

There must be more to life than this.
I refuse to be told that this is all life has to offer.
I refuse to do what I'm told
I refuse to be afraid

It's just against my Human Nature.
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