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Default Human Cruelty is so awfull

Hi there good people,I am posting from Poland where unfortunatelly i read everyday about human cruelty against animals.The Law here is total **** regarding that matter. How can We become better if we dont care about animals, how can we evolve when we kill for fun. how can we move on and pretend we dont see, how long wil this go on???

I will just give an example about how sick people are, cant tell what drives such sick minds. "A man came into conclusion that he wants to se how his dog will suffer, so he took a rod stuffed the dog with it several times, after when the animal was crying out loud he took a hammer to finish the job, then he took a knife and cut the poor being eyes out. When he was caught by the police he just smiled. How can anyone say thay we are human beings and other are animals????, cos we have higher IQ??? Such "H.beings" who kill for fun how they can live here??? withould any law , such world will collapse by itself one day or later without any big catastrophy!!!!

best regards to all good people who dont only care about themselves but also about the once who are weaker and need our help
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