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Default Re: HELP cat people, cat knowledge needed urgently

Good luck comes to mind, it should be a wonderful experience. Just donít touch the newborns; mother cats sometimes kill the kittens when they smell something on them other than her scent.

This topic just reminded me of a bizarre experience I had about 2 years ago. I live in a 3 floor brown stone and one night I found a black cat sitting on the top steps of the second floor. All of the windows were closed and doors were locked, I still donít know how it got there. It was very friendly and didnít have any fear of rubbing against my leg. After petting and talking to it for a while I put it in the back yard and never saw it again. There are other cats I recognize but never the same black cat. Some say black cats bring good luck some say bad, but I donít think my life has change much from the experienceÖif so than it was for the better. Rarely do I find myself in a bad situation.

Hmmm, where in the heeezy did this cat come from?

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