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Default Re: Human Cruelty is so awfull

Originally Posted by jacody View Post
I had a dog recently that had a broken leg and DIED of it because the vet didn't care enough to do the right thing. Made me MAD!
Jacody, I had a similar thing happen when I brought my 5 month old cat to the vet and was told that his state was probably due to a change in diet. he was dead 2 days later. Vets avoid recommending procedures and tests because they would prefer to avoid long protracted cases that they feel they are ultimately unequipped to deal with.

Therefore they lie and come up with standard stories to avoid the agonizing exchanges with people who simply don't have the money to pay for expensive procedures. I complained to them and I sensed this is something they deal with quite regularly.

I'm sorry for your loss. It's not generally recognized that the loss of a pet can be as traumatic as the loss of a family member

I will just give an example about how sick people are, cant tell what drives such sick minds. "A man came into conclusion that he wants to se how his dog will suffer, so he took a rod stuffed the dog with it several times, after when the animal was crying out loud he took a hammer to finish the job, then he took a knife and cut the poor being eyes out. When he was caught by the police he just smiled. How can anyone say thay we are human beings and other are animals????, cos we have higher IQ??? Such "H.beings" who kill for fun how they can live here???
OK that guy just sounds like a psychopath, Keria. Hardly exemplary of the rest of the human race.

I have always thought that animals are better than people..and i will say it now openly I CARE ABOUT THEM MORE THAN ABOUT HUMANS ..I always have...
I'd be wary of this mind set, Burgundia The PTB love the devaluation of human life so people will get on board with their depopulation programs.
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