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Default Re: This break up shows why we humans aren't ready to transcend. Or maybe ascend.

There has been millions of good souls over time that have lost their lives, reputation etc because they stood up for what they believed in.

I am stating what I believe because I know for a fact there were some really good people, very humble and spiritual people who cannot understand what they did wrong, have worked out stuff in their head and are mystified and hurt because they did not get a call to .............over there.

All one has to do is look over to see who is over there already and I am sure you will be totally aghast on why some got early invitations and others have disappeared.

The ones who have disappeared, the humble, happy, spiritual, giving people I am really grieving for, and I am not happy about it.

If that puts me on the outer with the ascension or whatever process then that's my decision I suppose.
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