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Default Re: This break up shows why we humans aren't ready to transcend. Or maybe ascend.

Individual paths yes, but right now 'the' task at hand is the 'collective' ascension of humanity to a higher level.. and I have to agree with droid56.

There is a technique in marketing called focus groups, they gather 100 people from a target demographics and see how well they fare.. then they use this to extrapolate to the entire demographics.

One could say that this forum is a focus group of behavior of people who have reached a great part of the consciousness that will be the norm in the world of tomorrow.

It is funny how synchronicity works.. just few days ago in an article I wrote I gave this forum (and what happened) as an example of why even those that have advanced considerably in awareness are not ready to function in a self-sustaining society run by them.

Its good many are starting to realise the problem here (which is collaboration). Perhaps the solution will follow.. many are watching and waiting
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