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Default Re: This break up shows why we humans aren't ready to transcend. Or maybe ascend.

I spend considerably more time reading these threads than talking on them and by doing so eventually a pattern can be seen for different members.
I am not commenting on any particular member, but Some think that being spiritual means constantly saying love and peace in every post and having fancy dreamy avatars and names.
Some think it means pouncing on posters and telling them how they should think and behave.
Some of those who claim to be the most spiritual and loving shout the loudest and complain the most.
I said it before in another thread, You are not judged by what you tell people you are or by what you want people to think you are, but by what can clearly be seen you are, in your behavior on the forum.
The True you will always shine out when the going gets tough, or someone upsets you or has a go at your friend.
Everyone likes to think they are kind and loving and spiritual, but for many it is just an act of what they would like to be, and so is just on the surface, not a way of life and deep in their soul and everyday life.
The genuine ones will know exactly what I am talking about, and with that inner peace comes a very important trait, Patience, there doesn't seem to be much of that about.
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