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Default Re: Survival requirements after an (almost) ELE?

Nobody is sure as to what might happen, or even whether 2012 will also pass into history as one of those prophesised doomsdays. I remember a book by Berlitz - Doomsday 1999 - written a long time back. Then there was a lot of noise about year 2000. That was followed by the Niburu stuff for 2003.

ELE, Coronal Mass Ejection, Pole Shift, Spiritual Ascension, Major Contact !! Who knows what? Most of the character casts of the interviews by Project Camelot have their own take on things. Remember Hoagland saying that there are lies at different levels, and each level believes on the truth of its own statements? And who can say, for sure, that some of these "whistle-blowers" are not plants themselves, making the issues murkier still?

Anyways, even if we have personal electronics (e.g. our PCs), from where do we have sustainable power source? Even if we maintain an inventory of batteries / solar cells / wind turbines, how long before things start breaking down for want of maintenance, with no spare parts available as the entire industrial scenario is gone "kaput"?

Don't mistake my rants with negativity. I am still not very convinced about the whole thing, but just want to hammer out ideas, for who knows what might transpire? ;-)

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