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Smile Re: Survival requirements after an (almost) ELE?

Originally Posted by Operator View Post
What will happen is beyond comprehension .... now.

If you know how to pass through these difficult times ... you will also know what's needed beyond that ....
Yes. Thats right.

Coronal Mass Ejection, Pole Shift, Spiritual Ascension, Major Contact !! - There are some other things that are to happen before these. There are weather control systems which can be used to reduce the effects of the earth changes, like HAARP and Russian Torsion field techs. All the current political, economic and also spiritual changes that are occuring will determine who holds the power and that is the question. If good people can take control of it, then we will surely protect many people.

To Sentinal2107 - I'm not mistaking you for negativity. At the start the Whistleblower testimonies where of great information. But now eventhough there is information, the words seems to be more negative than before and creates only fear whenever they speak about safe places. But I really liked Miriam's testimony. She said -"It is never too late". I'm not mistaking them too. But it puts people to survival mode than to make us stand and fight.
And don't mistake me for keep on insisting the same point. I keep saying the same thing because, this is what I have in mind. "We can run to a safe place and survive. But think about the children and the young people, who are the future of the humanity. They don't now what is happening. And if we are in survival mode and we leave, there will be no one to tell them what is happening during the changes. How many of them are going to make throught without hte knowledge, with all of us away in a safe place. That is why I say we have to fight rather than to survive, because mere survival will surely get to a position which you said first."
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