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Default Re: Survival requirements after an (almost) ELE?

Yes, stormy guy, I agree with you :-) Even if things come to such a pass (i.e. a major catastrophe) that some are able to run, along with young ones, to hide and survive, it will be a horrible world that the young will inherit, if the group survives long enough.

For one entire community to survive on a sustainable basis will need stupendous pre-planning with the involvement of a large enough groups of people with different skills, on a sufficient redundancy basis, to have something of a nucleus for a sustainable "village community" to start all over again, and that too in a real struggle mode.

My take is this: Is the world that will be inherited by the survivors (in the event of an ELE) rosy enough to call for so much of an effort? I don't think so. Rather let our individual souls detach from our physical beings and go wherever they are supposed to, for the silver lining is (that which most of us Indians believe) that they are immortal. :-)

And so, what do you think can be done in such "uncertain" times, apart from trying to research deeper and deeper in search of truth?
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