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Default My first post for positive energy!

Hi all, since I'm new here I wanted to post a small introduction.
Since I watched a lot of videos (including the ones from Bill & Kerry) I have this great urge to know more and learn more.
(State that I do not have any paranormal of exterrestrial experience.)

Why? Well perhaps I feel there is truth in many of them or at least in parts of what I hear. But then again, Im still human and I always have questions and need to experience things to know 100% sure if something is real.

Well telling this i have read and youtubed a lot ov videos including a lof of Einstein, Tesla and (this one I find very intereseting) Schauberger. I do not have an electro/mechanaical background so everything is new to me. But I feel that if any of the made statements of the internet is true, I should be able to rebuild it.

My first project is a non-movable magnetic generator making use of both perm- and electro- magnets. The first test are however not working, but I have a contact here who claims he had made a <more power out then in> engine this way, making use of a so called bifilair coil. Now I do not know the true translation, coiuld be this isn't even propper English, but the coil would look something like this:

This would create a third field called a: "scalair field" (have found a pdf stating that Tesla was the first one saying a thirg field existed.)

Now my question is:
Can anyone tell me more about this field or this coil?

Thank you in advance!

For everyone working on brining the world to the next level, keep up the good work! However be aware for a lot of fonies. Magnets around a coil always have resistance, and magnets having resistance will stop turnning sooner or later. (A lot of the so called magnetic engines have this) I personally even believe the one created by George Green would not work, because to make it spin you put energy in it, since bill is moving the ring over the magnet and correcting the position of it with his arm.)
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