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Default Re: My first post for positive energy!

Originally Posted by Manie View Post
............ Im still human and I always have questions and need to experience things to know 100% sure if something is real.........and (this one I find very intereseting) Schauberger................. I do not have an electro/mechanaical background so everything is new to me. But I feel that if any of the made statements of the internet is true, I should be able to rebuild it........
My first project is a non-movable magnetic generator making use of both perm- and electro- magnets. The first test are however not working, but I have a contact here who claims he had made a <more power out then in> engine this way, making use of a so called bifilair coil.................This would create a third field called a: "scalair field" (have found a pdf stating that Tesla was the first one saying a thirg field existed.).................Now my question is: Can anyone tell me more about this field or this coil?........... However be aware for a lot of fonies. .......... I personally even believe the one created by George Green would not work,........
Hi Manie,
Thank you for your interesting thread,
You are totally right, that we should experience or re-invent things in our world, just to see if it is 100% truth.
Viktor Schauberger is also a favourite of mine.
Viktor Schauberger was not interested in an ordinary education, because it “spoiled his creativity”, if I remember it correctly.
And anyhow, living in this world, ruled by the power elite, we can't trust what we learn, and in a way we have to recheck all our human (serf) knowledge. (serf (and goy) is a power elite word for us ordinary people).
As I understand it, It is not a magnetic field you want to create, with the way the coil is wound.

If I remember correctly, I don't have the books any more, Otis T. Carr wrote something about a U-field and also described how to create it.
Maybe this U-field is the same as your scalar field.
According to me there are many different inventors who has invented divine machines.
But the biggest problem is that all these inventors has kept it to themselves.
OK, I understand, negative criticism and maybe a thought of a fair payment in the future.
It seems to me, if you read about these inventors and the different Patent Offices worldwide.
My conclusion, never trust a patent office, they seems to be a power elite tool.
And I don't like deliberate deceptions, but it is not the same as if somebody has done something wrong.
All these collected pieces of information helps as to understand more and more.
Here is maybe something you will find interesting, and it is maybe the common mechanism to all these different inventions.
This the same video as in the thread “Static Field – Video” by Magii
YouTube link:
In this forum here is a lot of people interested in this subject, we have only to wake them up.
Comments very appreciated
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