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Default Re: My first post for positive energy!

I totally agree that discussing and sharing "intel" in this is very important. I also believe not working in the technical field fully gives you an adge to re-discover certain points of what is now considered out of the physics-law.

Thank you for your links, I will definalty look into it!
For the people wanting to keep it for them selves.
This is my tought:
Sure I want to have free energy for myself, but as soon as I have a working prototype I will make detailed working schemes of it and sent it to every working group I can find.

Because only then it will matter and it will make changes.
And surely I can earn a couple of bucks creating a machine for myself or sell it to friends on the run. But keepeing quiet just because you think you can earn more that way is just bad thinking.

Have an open mind all, and make sure you erperiment!
( Reading only won't solve issues and problems. )
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