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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by C77 View Post
The Earth changes we are seeng is part of the natural process of evolution..we are coming out of one Yuga and into another...we happen to be living on the Earth during this time...I don't focus on negative agendas..everything to me at this point just "is", although there is alot of disnfo being put out to instill fear, confusion and the likes (in order to keep the planet in a negative polarization).....but there is no stopping the shift or changes about to occur.

This is why the most important prep anyone can make right now is getting spiritually centered and to move out of the fear mode. If you're operating with fear as a negative mind stimulant instead of utilizing positive mind stimulants (of which the most powerful is the emotion of love) then you're
unknowingly contributing to the problem.
Thank you C77 for your insights,
I believe that we should have our own positive agenda to follow.
According to me, we should write down our different dream-societies in a thread or something as a start.
And from this we will create different possible dream-society models.
This will then be a negative-to-positive-transformer of thoughts.
Because a person with a plan is much more stronger than a person without a plan.
It is not possible to create something from a plan, consisting of items we don't want.
I agree to that “I do my part” is a good way, it could resolve the problem, especially it everybody is “doing their part”.
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