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Default Re: My first post for positive energy!

Originally Posted by PartOfOne View Post
I believe what your referring to is Mr. Carr's Utron field lines which were field lines from a C-shaped coil onto two triangle shaped magnets. Mr. Carr didn't trust the Patent Office either. With the trouble Mr. Carr was given he filed a patent (2912244) with the patent office of his device and listed allot of his secrets as an amusement device. He understood the games that were being played by the authorities that wanted to suppress his work and still wanted the information released. In his unpublished book and notes he has given allot of clues for many to follow. Myself I've been looking at this documentation as having allot of truth in it and been experimenting slowly to prove it step by step as everyone needs to do. With today’s discoveries of a ferrofluid hele shaw cell lens, it is made easy to see the magnetic patens of these fields as their being formed so you can work with them. Prove your work and be satisfied with your findings as a true inventor would do.
Thank you very much PartOfOne
You are right.
If you have a dynamical field, you could use small Hall effect sensors on small sticks, “3D fixable”, but then you have to computerise these analogue signals to get a 3D-picture of it.
Everything is possible, there are probably open source programs doing this already, just to adapt.
The math-program SciLab had some interface modules before, I don't remember exactly what, because I didn't used it then.
Or if you want to measure analogue signals, you need a special “measuring unit”, and maybe they have already this 3D-capabilities, just speculations.
We should start a group about practical applications of “free energy”, right now.
What do you think?
Comments very appreciated
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