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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

C77 Thank you for your response
I agree as George Green position in "hand book for the New Paradigm" I is futile to resist The NWO agenda we have been modeled to the enth degree. He suggests a philosophy, as I understand it to focus on sowing the seed of good will and love that will grow into the Oak change, however but there is no stopping the shift or changes about to occur. Are you in a position to elaborate on the nature and confirm the change will occur. I get a feeling that there is much debate on the possibilities. For example are all the underground bases for nuclear fallout or greater threats. Collective conscious I believe can deal with the PTB, however natural event are a different kettle of fish and to me would constitute a greater threat. If these event could be confirmed a fact rather than rumor it would help greatly in advising family and friends to make preparations.
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