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Default Re: My first post for positive energy!

Originally Posted by stiros View Post
Thank you very much PartOfOne
You are right.
If you have a dynamical field, you could use small Hall effect sensors on small sticks, “3D fixable”, but then you have to computerise these analogue signals to get a 3D-picture of it.
Everything is possible, there are probably open source programs doing this already, just to adapt.
The math-program SciLab had some interface modules before, I don't remember exactly what, because I didn't used it then.
Or if you want to measure analogue signals, you need a special “measuring unit”, and maybe they have already this 3D-capabilities, just speculations.
We should start a group about practical applications of “free energy”, right now.
What do you think?
Comments very appreciated
It is a little easier then that. Take a look at this pdf file at this link or watch this basic video A whole new world is open to be exploring here.

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