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Default Re: My first post for positive energy!

Originally Posted by PartOfOne View Post
It is a little easier then that. Take a look at this pdf file at this link or watch this basic video A whole new world is open to be exploring here.
Thank you PartOfOne,
Very interesting technique with this ferrofluid Hele-Shaw cells.
Then you add some digital filtering techniques.
And it should be possible to use SciLab as well.
I think it is very important to see what is going on, if you want to make progress in your experiment.
We use to say here in Sweden, at least some parts of it, that: “To measure is to know”.
Just a wild speculation, not joking (anyhow it is not my intention).
Could it be possible to measure for example “life force flow” or “love flow”, too.
If you have a proper “sensitive fluid” inside the Hele-Shaw cell?
What about water, water seems to be “emotionally sensitive”.
Just wild guesses.
Comments appreciated
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