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Originally Posted by Carol View Post
Hello everyone, I just want to remind folks that the researchers worked really, really hard getting the library data together so folks can start downloading ASAP. We've no idea how much time before something happens where the net may go down, so this is a nice time to get that info stored onto your hard drive, discs or flash drive.

I also want to personally thank Don, Fritz, Joy, Tez, Miki, Henry and the many other researchers who assisted in this daunting endeavor for all of thier outstanding hard work. They have been working almost non-stop throughout all of December and up to now putting in hundreds of hours gathering this data, organizing it and preparing it to be downloaded. What they did will save lives but only if you, the member, take the time to access and download what they put together for you.

Awesome job guys.
Thank You> Dear Carol!

Here here! I've visited the new Avalon Library and Ms. Baggywinkle and her Staff have done a
(as Carol says)

Avalon Library
Now Open 24 hours

Dan you better set up for a special party! I spoke with our new> friend Marian the Librarian, and she'e willing too help you> if you behave

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