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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Marian lights the fire in the fireplace and gently lights the lamps with soft, golden light for reading...

She lights fragrent candles for beatiful smell, fluffs the pillows and smiles....

wondering if Dan the Man is going to spike the hot spiced cider behind her back....

"Oppps, ya'll mind the cats and Broc...don't want them sipping and tipsy again..... sorry, Brook, we'll watch them better this time....."

She sets out a cheese and cracker tray, apples and Poppy seed dressing, and ham biscuits....and calls...

"Tez, check the turkey smoker on the deck, ought to be done...."

She muses if the library will be well used...she hopes so...cos its almost like having Christmas in your jammies.....<smile>.

Enjoy all!
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