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Default How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

The NWO has for a long, long time deceived us, via secret societies, and used the following principles to keep us “down”.
We have to remember that they are criminals, and why should we obey criminals.

1.By controlling things we need for survival.
By controlling everything we need for survival, mainly through the money system or restrictions.
By creating a money-system with a central bank that owns all the money, and then they lend at interest, the money to the local banks.
It will immediately create a debt, in the local bank, because they have to pay an interest.
It is obvious that the local banks have to borrow more money to pay the interest after a while.
This loss by the local banks have to be “transferred” to the ordinary bank-customers or the society itself.
When you have run this system for a while, it ends up in the way our money-system is today.
It is a joke to me, a lethal one, that this can go on. So the function of this money-system is, of course, to rob all the money from the ordinary people and in the end also the local banks.
You have to remember that economy is considered to be a science, and we have professors and experts in this topic!!!
We even have Nobel Prize winners in economy!!!
We have to ask ourselves: What more is “fishy” in our society?
Money have to be a medium for the exchange of labour.
This topic is discussed in the thread: “So exactly what is this stuff we call money” by anthrovolution.
If someone transfer the injection point of money to a central-bank, own by corrupt bankers, then we are really in trouble, because “Money has to be a medium for the exchange of labour”.
Because the bankers have stolen the “labour-medium” and on top of everything they lend it to you at interest, this is triple-criminality.
Triple-criminality because of:
A. Stolen “labour medium”.
B. You borrow “the stolen labour medium”, and you have to pay it back later, in some way.
C. They charge you an interest-rate, which means that you start “the debt system”, which will of course create more debts for you as long as time goes on, terrible!!!

2.By keeping us in ignorance.
By not letting us know the big picture, by compartmentalisation, lies and secrets.
Just think about the “fishy monetary-system”.
To get something to sounds like truth, it needs only to be about 30% truth if you are “a good liar”.
So most of us really live in a world of ignorance.
We live in a paradigm, that we think is absolute and the only one.
Of course, total lie. And most important, that we don't understand that we are indeed very powerful ourselves.

3.By keeping us in fear.
By “pouring” fear over us all the time, of course we then should be very negative and easy to handle.
We become paralysed. By poison us, and really try to brake us down, in every aspect.
By removing “substances” that we need to maintain our health.
By inventing terrible laws and so on.
If we don't break loose we are more or less lost.
You have to ask yourself: How much more can I take of “this ****”.
Because you will probably reach a point, that life is not an option any more.

OK, enough of “fear-mongering”.

What can we do now?
According to me, very easy, it is done already by many, but we could do it in many ways and we have to ignite ourselves, believe it and start the “transformation” of our lives.

1.By controlling things we need. Create a simple, fair and understandable money-system.
Openness and simplicity in everything, so that everybody understands.
We should use more open source systems everywhere to increase the development speed. Life should be fun and adventurous, and not being a slave under criminals.
Everything should be built on agape and philia instead of fear.
Everything that must be complicated and you need so called experts or leaders is “fishy”, don't believe it, create another system instead.
Get rid of hierarchical systems and control-freaks, it takes some “civil disobedience”.

2.Learn ourself the reality, in everything, we have to start from the beginning and check everything up, in all sciences.
Create openness in everything.
Teach the surrounding about what is going on.
You don't need to talk about the “science-fiction-things” to start with.
But you could show our economical system, with a central-bank owning the money, that is borrowed by a local bank at an interest-level, for example 5%, the local bank then lend this money to the ordinary people.
This economic-system you could show to everybody, with Monopoly or real money, probably same real value!!
To make ordinary people suspicious about our world, show them the monetary system, with this “play”.
Then they understand that something must be “really sick”.
To increase our knowledge fast, we use open source systems.
Of course we have to build simple models of different societies or communities, to learn about how to build societies.
This should then be our dreams, and we should work on building these new societies, whatever the NWO says, they are not many.
After a while more and more people will adapt, to the new emerging society-structures.
It is important to tell the young generation about the monetary system, so they also wake up. The future life of young people is not good, and they know it, it will “spark” them.

3.Learn to know ourselves, get rid of our fears, develop our spirituality, replace fear with love.
Because of our common low self-esteem, we should say, love yourself in a same way that you sometimes love another person, opposite the Bible.
Anyhow try to learn this love-thing (agape and philia).
Build networks between people, throw away your “main destructive programming source”, your TV and other “main stream media programming”.
Learn conflict-solving techniques similar to NVC (Non Violent Communication – Marshall B. Rosenberg), that is focusing on “What is your need?”.
Civil disobedience, if they come up with new laws, for example: you have to get inspected by an “environment-expert” or “fire-expert”, just ignore them, and don't let them in.
If they want you to declare something, you don't do it, and so on.
If everybody had done these things, we probably have had a very beautiful society.
All this bullying is only a way to take control over you, nothing else.
Of course they will always come up with an explanation. Remember they are criminals!!!!
The normal way for the NWO is to make an action that is to create a problem for us, blood sacrifice, and then we react on that, and then they give us THE SOLUTION.
Of course something negative for us will be added, but we will get rid of the problem.
Most people will swallow that, and they will be more and more slaves.
They create laws with consequences, that force the individuals to suffer, because the individual can't do anything against the law, it is very deep within.
But we have to remember that these who creates the laws are real criminals, and we have to oppose these criminals.

Of course, I have lived according to above, and I have really “****** them off”.
My advice is, to start people learn about our “monetary scoundrel system”, it will really ignite people. They can only punish people if there is only a few, if there is many they can't do anything.
It doesn't mean that we create anarchy, which is not an option, we should create a new society, without bloodshed. Remember that the anarchy system was invented by Freemasons for political idiots.
Of course I have tested the “monetary scoundrel system with fake money", everybody gets very angry in the beginning and then slowly more and more understands it. Then they are “self-sufficient”.
Maybe someone thinks that I express myself in a vulgar way, you are right I do.
If you are walking to the slaughter-house, and you have lost everything, then maybe you can understand my vulgar way. I hope you understand that I am in “deep ****”.
A life as a slave is not an option, I regret nothing.
Comments very appreciated, as long as I have possibilities.
blessings and love to all of you

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