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Default Re: How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

Originally Posted by Northern Boy View Post
You can thank your governments for this as we are all used as collateral by our governments in exchange for money from the fed. All you need to due is look at your birth certificate and you will see this . You are not a person but a registered Corporate Entity. Look on your birth certificate and you will find a number everything else on it will be described except one like name DOB register number and so on except there is one number without a description this is an account number. When you are born there is a bond issued in your name after the birth has been registered . The person that holds the bond is the Minister of Finance and it generates loads of money . In Canada the money generated is your money and it has to benefit you and the state we have all heard of the federal transfer payments well this is the bond money generated . If you do not tell your Minister of Finance what to do with your money it goes to the Province and the Provincial Minister of Finance spends it as he see`s fit unless you tell him otherwise . All of you that have student loans and are still paying them ... you don`t have to . You have a right to a free education and this is evident right up until you go to university and college then you start having to pay for it up front. All you really need to do is write a letter of notification and intent to the Federal Minister Of Finance with your account number off of your birth certificate and notify him that you want your student loan paid off an it will be done , The Provincial minister will be upset but how many times have they upset you when they vote themselves these gold plated pensions for life and salary increases at 20% . Try it you will see I`m not lying
Hi Northern Boy,
Thank you for your comments.
I do believe you, this kind of systems are all over the world, in different shapes.
Personally I call them “rituals”, you have to do certain “rituals” and it will be beneficial to you.
If you don't do these “rituals” in a proper way, you will end up in a “non-beneficial situation”.
The strange thing is, that you are not informed or it is difficult to understand the “rituals” needed in a specific situation.
To get the benefits in question, often there is also a “time window to hit”.
It is more than a full time job to know all these different “rituals” that “comes and goes”, you need help from a “ritual master”.
It seems to me that there has always been much more “rituals” in a hierarchical dominance society system, than in more human society types.
“Common sense people” often believe that there is “goodness” built in the system, but it is not.
The “rituals” that you have performed that is what counts, and nothing else.
If we want a change then we have to oppose these “rituals”, and at the same time build something better.
It needs some action everywhere.
Comments very appreciated.
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