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Default Re: How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
we all know what is going on but exactly HOW do you suggest we make them POWERLESS?
How do we do it?
Because you have given us a nice list of what's going on, but for the man in the street, what he can do?
What ordinary people can do?
Thank you for your response cloud9,
AS I see it: Thought -> Word -> Action.
People don't act if they don't have a thought explained in understandable words.
As I see it, you can't tell stories about ascension, flying discs or spiritual things.
Ordinary people are programmed to NOT believe in these things.

But there is an “entrance point” to make ordinary people suspicious about what is going on.
And it is to explain how for example the Federal Reserve System works or other central banks system.
With Monopoly- or “paper”- money, ju run a simulation in a group, showing the mechanisms of our monetary systems that is in fact a debt-systems.
People will understand this, after a while, if you show them.
They will after a while understand that this is a real debt-system, and they will ask:
How is this possible?
What is more “fishy” with our good society, and this is the starting point for people to understand that they have all been fooled by an “elite”.
You should also explain the real purpose of money.
So I say:
To explain the monetary system we use, will trigger a “we need to know more”-mechanism in people.
Then this of course trigger some healthy reactions like a lot of questions, that must be answered by the “elite”.
It will create healthy “civil disobedience”, and we will slowly transfer our society to a good one, without much bloodshed.
Comments very appreciated.
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