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Default Re: How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post
The information about how the banking system works has been portrayed in movies available on youtube ( Zeitgeist and the like). The people who have seen them have begun to realize how the system works. It's just that not everybody has access to the Internet and this is the problem.
Thank you burgundia for your response.
But you can make your own paper-money in a game, to explain it very easy for people, they will understand after a while.
So create your paper money, your central-bank, your local-bank and your ordinary bank-customers and play the game.
It is important to show that for example the central-bank lend money to the local-bank at 5% interest.
When the local-bank borrow the money it will immediately create a debt, that will increase all the time.
The local-bank then transfer this debt to the ordinary bank-customer or the society itself.
Run this a couple of times, nobody wants to be the local-bank because the local-bank has to be very innovative in transfer the debt to the not-suspicious ordinary people.
Try that, this is a very important entrance-point to wake up ordinary people.
Because they will understand the fishy thing and they will react with more questions.
And when they are awakened, they are “self-sufficient”.
And show as many as possible.
It is very important to show it to kids in school, of course they will ask their teachers, and it is “on”.
Comments very appreciated

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