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Default Re: How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

Well, I can't agree more with you about how to start some action, that's why I started a tread "Taking action to change our reality" bud sad to say not even the people in this forum get the idea or think is a good one.
I started writing on the back of bills with a red pen: Search Zeitgeist youtube google or Search Illuminati youtube google, etc., money changes hands faster than anything else so I think is a good medium to make the message travel real fast. I did some of it last year in Oct and Nov.
I agree Zeitgeist is a good eye opener because it gives a good insight about how money and economy work and have been created, I don't see much gloom and negativity in that movie so it's not like we are scaring people away, perhaps they want to research a little more. There's no need to tell everything at once, it's just too overwhelming.
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