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Default Re: How to attack NWO and make it powerless.

Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
Well, I can't agree more with you about how to start some action, that's why I started a tread "Taking action to change our reality" bud sad to say not even the people in this forum get the idea or think is a good one.
I started writing on the back of bills with a red pen: Search Zeitgeist youtube google or Search Illuminati youtube google, etc., money changes hands faster than anything else so I think is a good medium to make the message travel real fast. I did some of it last year in Oct and Nov.
I agree Zeitgeist is a good eye opener because it gives a good insight about how money and economy work and have been created, I don't see much gloom and negativity in that movie so it's not like we are scaring people away, perhaps they want to research a little more. There's no need to tell everything at once, it's just too overwhelming.
Thank you for responding cloud9,
You are on the right track according to me.
It is like working in syrup in the beginning, but it will be better and better.
This is one non-violent way to do things without bloodshed.
And it is easy to speak about the monetary system, because most people will understand.
And don't forget they who are in schools.
Comments very appreciated
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